Thursday, January 2, 2014

Arrival at grown-up milestone ETA 2:05

It just hit me.  I've been distracted with arranging pick ups and delivery and worried about squeezing in cleaning between the removal of the old and the arrival of the new. 

But suddenly i realized I'm crossing "GO" and passing a grown up milestone. For the first time, I'm not lying on my parents' old teal couch, lugging one up the stairs from "the guy on craigslist" or salvaging it from the side of the road. For the first time, my tush will be the only one that's plopped down so far on it's cushions.  A brand new couch will be arriving shortly to Wooster Street...try to contain your excitement.

This is a big girl couch: smokey gray, soft and long enough to stretch out on for a lazy sunday snooze. 

What the hell is it doing in my apartment??

I'm used to being transient, on a first name basis with movers, and decorating like a starving student.  While it does breed creativity (did you know a drawer turned on it's bottom can be used as a shelf and storage?! I'm used to browsing the aisles of Goodwill and scrubbing paint stains from flannel pants for my "fixer-upper" furniture.  I'm used to honing my "cheap" radar, always fearful of the unrealistic, totally needs to be gotten over, rainy day when i'm living out of the box my sofa came in.

Again, definitely a place for cheap and creative, especially when you want things that can be painted, traded, and replaced if you change your mind.  But there's something about a couch - it has the home know, the one that you can't smell but other people say your house smells like you (hopefully in a good way). So perhaps this couch will actually belong here.  And if i can resist the urge to keep it covered in plastic like Bubby Rene taught me, just to keep it clean, then it will actually be a beautiful comfy piece of furniture in this apartment I'm trying to make a home.

So it's a big day. 

But then again, i have to admit, it's a lot easier to pass growing up milestones when the couch is a gift...I'm not sure i get to count this as some internal accomplishment or soul-growing improvement...

Still, i did manage to overcome my inner stupidly fearful child and accept the gift - does that make a difference?

Either way, ETA 2:05 PT.

I'll be unavailable for the rest of the day...I have a date with the couch. 

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