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It's not 'The Question'

Does Israel Make Us Safer? By Thaddeus Russell

57 Contributions Israel Has Made to the World. By Zola Levitt What Israel Does for the U.S.

It might be the question that Thaddeus Russell mulls over while counting sheep or the question that Mr. Russell wishes was the topic of Obama’s meeting with Netanyahu, but it’s certainly not The Question.  “Does the existence of Israel make Americans and Jews safer?” That’s his question.  And he doesn’t wait long before dropping a concrete “No”, buried under the weight of shadowy facts that loom in dark corners.  Does Israel make Americans safer? I have my own answers to that, but the point is it’s not the right question. It’s not the right question if your aim is to radically change American foreign policy.  It’s small thinking.  Thaddeus is proposing that America should stop giving all aid to Israel on the basis that standing behind Israel is an “act of self-destruction”, tossing in bullet points of fear mingled with patriotism with “There was not a single act of Arab terrorism against Americans before 1968, when the U.S. became the chief supplier of military equipment and economic aid to Israel.”

Ah, so apparently, the tragedy of 9/11 was the fault of the Jews after all.  As well as all other terrorist attacks upon American soil. It becomes a simple equation: protect your children by turning your back on Israel.  He splashes an entire nation with red as he paints nightmares of threats and war. Is this sounding eerily familiar to anyone else? And if this question of our safety related to Israel’s existence really is The Question, why is it that no one is asking it? It’s not as if there aren’t ample volunteers to speak out against Israel or the Jews.  So why does Mr. Russell think that no one is taking the bait?

Perhaps because we know its the wrong question.  Perhaps we know that safety slips through back doors and can’t be measured with facts and prejudicial data.  Perhaps we support Israel because we believe in its existence for moral reasons, personal reasons, humanistic reasons.  Perhaps we don’t ask his question because we already know the answer, which is that Israel gives more to us than we could ever offer to them.  Perhaps. 

But lets play along nicely.  Ok Thaddeus Russell.  You want the United States to end our relationship with Israel, cut of financial support, and cease muddling in peace talks? Ok.  But you can’t have it both ways.  So if we are walking away from the table, you have to leave all of the offers behind. 

So, our hospitals will have to return the cutting edge no-radiation diagnostic instruments for breast cancer and the PillCam, the first ingestible video camera, that helps diagnose cancer and digestive disorders.  And don’t forget to pack the computerized medication dosage system that removes human error from the administration of medication.  Thaddeus Russell quotes 5,000 Americans killed over the past 50 years due to our defense of Israel.  Every year, 7,000 patients die from medication dosage pick your poison.

Oh, and the first solar-powered fully-functional electricity generating plant in California’s Mojave Desert? Return to sender. 

Our law enforcement agencies will have to find new technologies to monitor voices and messages on cell phones and emails, and unfortunately all anti-virus software packages must be deleted as they spawned from the first product made by Israel in the 1970’s. 

Living Green is a hot topic these days so I’m sure you’ll find large support for the removal of all drip irrigation systems developed by Israeli engineer Simcha Blas, an invention that caused a revolution in agriculture. 

And back to the drawing board for the World Trade Center Memorial as the design chosen was by Michael Arad, an Israeli.

In a rush at the grocery store? Might be a while as the Israeli Company Retalix created the grocery scanners used as Costco, Albertsons, 7-11, along with 25,000 other retail markets across the country.

It’s not just medical breakthroughs and technological innovations that we would have to go without.  The U.S. Military relies heavily on Israeli weapons and intelligence.  General George Keegan, the former head of U.S. Air Force Intelligence, was quoted in the NY Times on March 9,1986, saying that “The ability of the Army to defend whatever position it has...owes more to the Israeli intelligence input than it does to any single source of intelligence.” He further stated that between 1974 and 1990, Israel received $18.3 billion in U.S. military grants. During the same period Israel provided the U.S. with $50 to $80 billion in intelligence, research and development savings. So if anything, perhaps Israelis are should be questioning if American support is in their best interests.

Currently in Iraq, Israeli technology is being used by the U.S. forces to protect them from Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) that are responsible for more U.S. casualties in the Iraq War.  In other words, Israel helps save American lives.  Oops.  I guess Mr. Russell overlooked that tidbit.

I’m not a historian like Thaddeus Russell, nor do I claim expertise in politics, military, or foreign policy.  But I am a citizen of this country who supports Israel. I am so naive as to believe that we have an entire nation duped by Israeli accents, throwing money and support to Israel while they slip away with our children.  It would seem that it is in American’s best interests to support Israel.  But should you opt to follow Mr. Russell and advocate for Israeli tough-love, just know what you’ll be giving up.

One more thing.  Please leave your cell phones and laptops at the door.  1st cell phone, Windows XP, Pentium and Centrino processors...Israeli-developed.

Have a good day...

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